Testimonials and feedback from our clients and students


“As a result of the coaching sessions, I could feel that my emotions were immediately lifted and calmer. This resulted in me being able to conduct my work better, establish greater communications with my clients and improve team cooperation.”

Suryani Mustaffa, IT Project Manager



“The morning practices shared by the coach were a real eye opener. They really uplift me mentally and spiritually to positively start my day every single day. Shuhada is a top-notch coach, who is great in listening, giving clear explanations, coaching and demonstrating. I would highly recommend her!”

Aaron Kwan, Governance & Processes



“As a result of the coaching, I’ve learnt how to tap into and harness positive energy sources and channel it back for recovery in my problem areas. I’ve become more positive in viewing and handling people, able to manage my anger better and I’ve become more relaxed in managing expectations and stressful situations both in my personal and work lives.”

Ahmad Mohd Fahmin, C Level Management



"Communicating with you has benefited me alot. Your coaching have helped me regain my self confidence, self worth and there are sparks of joy in both my business and in my life.”

Erni Zawawi, PR Agency Owner



“Shuhada did an AMAZING job explaining step by step how to learn my personality through the colour personality reveal. She is so insightful and knowledgeable on the topic and taught me so much about myself. I definitely recommend taking this course!"

Kimiko Cacioppo, Branding Expert


I felt distracted, loss of focus and hesitant in executing my work in the business. After coaching, I immediately felt peaceful, calm, relaxed, and confident and have a clearer mind and soul.
— Sharin Shariff, Marketing Manager & F&B Owner


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