Hi, I’m Shuhada Alauddin - I’m a Career Clarity and Business Energy Coach and the founder of MYRYL (pronounced my-real)

Shuhada Alauddin, career clarity and business coach, sitting at a desk with a computer and cup of coffee

I help women seeking a career change to uncover their purpose, create their dream business, and accomplish it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Through one-on-one consulting, online courses, and live group programs, I also help women heal their business and money energy in order to accelerate their business growth and increase cashflow.

The reason I do my work today is because I believe there are many people who are unhappy with their job or with how their business is going. Yet they continue doing it the same way they always have because they either don’t know how to fix it or they believe that’s just “how it is.”

It’s my mission to show people how to gain clarity on their dream career and how to make that business thrive in ways they didn’t even think possible.

My Story

I never thought I’d become a teacher

Prior to MYRYL, I was a corporate lawyer and partner of an established law firm; drafting and negotiating contracts for company take-overs and mergers was my jam. After so many years, I naturally became good at it, until one day I couldn't draft a single clause and I literally felt like throwing up every time I looked at the computer screen.

I was frustrated and couldn't understand what was up with me. My senior partner put it down as exhaustion and suggested that I take a break. And so that led me to taking a vacation to “know” myself and, during that time, I came across a Colour Personality Workshop.

Growth Always Feels Like Breaking At First

At the Colour Personality Workshop, the coach did a diagnosis on me to identify my personality colours. While he was explaining what my colours meant and what sort of career would fit my personality, I had an “aha” moment and discovered my true calling as a teacher and coach.

One of the things I’ve learnt from that experience is that doing work that doesn’t fulfill people at their core, regardless of how good they’ve become at it or how well it pays, will eventually smother them.

Join me on this journey

It’s important to do work and run a business that fulfills you as a person, positively impacts your mind and inner self, and shows up as passion to impact the people you serve. Maybe you haven’t had a melt down at work like I did, but if you ever find yourself wondering if there’s more to your life than what you’re currently doing - or if you find yourself thinking, “There’s got to be more to my business,” then I’d love to hear from you.

Media Mentions

I think your story would resonate with many of our readers.
— Arianna Huffington

I love speaking on stage, sharing my gift and impacting thousands. I’ve conducted in-person workshops at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester, United Kingdom and at the Tokyo Modest Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan.

I’ve also been featured in numerous media outlets including the Huffington Post, Women On Topp, British Muslim TV, Cosmopolitan Malaysia, and Marie Claire.

For media inquiries or to invite me to speak at your event, please contact me here for more details.